“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education”—Martin Luther King Jr.

      Kakojan college has made great strides since its inception to fulfill the vision of becoming one of the Centers of Higher Education in the state as well as North Eastern region. The performance of the college both in academics and extracurricular activities has been praiseworthy. The institution based on rural setting has been constantly striving to achieve its goal for the past forty nine years and has been able to churn out students who are not only intelligent, but also poses a good character year in and year out.

    To mould our students into worthy citizens with a sense of responsibility and commitment, institution has to be centre of academic excellence and the curriculum should offer opportunities to the students for their all round development. As Swami Sivananda says—“Man sows a thought and reaps an action. He sows an action and reaps a habit. He sows a habit and reaps a character. He sows a character and reaps a destiny.” Thus an individual is the architect of his own fate. The college should therefore offer an environment conducive to development.

      I am proud to say that Kakojan college, Jorhat is doing this duty perfectly by inculcating right values and noble qualities in the students and by providing an activities and intellectual explorations.

      I am sanguine that Kakojan college will continued with its pursuit to reach the pinnacle of success in the forthcoming years also.

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